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Are you seeking to know God?

Read these four short truths to learn more about why Jesus came.

Truth #1

People were designed to be with God.

Have you ever caught yourself staring in awe at a sunset, feeling a sense of smallness when surveying space, or feeling as though there is something greater that is missing in your life? This is because all humans were uniquely created in the image of a loving, involved, and uncreated Creator. He made everything, including you, to speak of the reality of His existence. When God created people, He designed them to find wholeness and completeness through a relationship with Him.

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Truth #2

Sin & failure has severed our connection to God.

If you've ever broken something special to you, you understand the despair, frustration, and pain that comes along with that loss. The Bible teaches us that things break, relationships break, bodies break, and people break because of a reality called sin. Sin is a simple term defining the complex reality that we as people have broken our relationship with God through active rebellion and disobedience to Him. The first humans chose their own way rather than God's, and we have been doing the same thing ever since. If you feel as though things are broken, it's because they are. Things are not merely broken around us, they are broken within us.

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Truth #3

God fixes broken people and broken things

Discovering & admitting that you and I are an active part of what's broken is the beginning of reconciliation with our creator. When humanity chose to rebel against God, God could have rightly chosen to abandon His creation; He did not. Rather, God decided to become the remedy to restore us to who He originally created us to be. Because we were guilty and had no hope of erasing our guilt on our own, God in His love stepped into humanity to take the guilt and punishment of our sin upon Himself. Jesus was the fullness of God in human flesh. He lived a perfect life we could not live, died a gruesome death that we deserved, and rose from the dead to conquer the grave forever. He lives today to offer His righteousness, forgiveness, and eternal life to all who would come to Him by faith and trust Him for their repair.

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Truth #4

Salvation & new life are as close as a prayer.

This might offend you. God didn't make His offer of salvation dependant on your moral performance because you can never be good enough. Your religious gymnastics don't impress Him. God's economy operates in the currency of faith. To inherit eternal life, you must be born again, become new, put your old life behind you and embrace a new life that comes from God. But only he can perform this reality. You and I must simply come to Him, confess our shortcoming, trust that He can save us, and make an active decision to turn from the direction we've been going and put our faith fully in Him. If you pray today for Jesus to forgive you of your sin, be the new king of your life, and save your soul, His answer is YES! You can even do it right now wherever you are. Welcome to God's family!

I prayed to know Jesus.