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This week, the theme of discouragement has been on my mind. I’ve been reading through Nehemiah again and have observed that one of the enemy’s prime tactics is to try and discourage those who are working for the Lord. He knows that a discouraged worker can quickly and easily be immobilized. Perhaps you have experienced discouragement in your own life or ministry. If so, please read on!

I’ve always viewed the word dis-courage-ment as “a loss of courage.” Courage is that necessary thing that drives us forward each new day and gives us the strength to face the inevitable challenges of life. Courage is something that can easily be lost. When hope fades, courage can be forgotten. Courage can seem fleeting when the future appears dim or uncertain. When victory seems unattainable, courage can easily take wings and fly. When courage is lost, fear attempts to fill in the gaps. Lost courage is a dangerous thing for the Christian. A lack of courage gives the enemy free rein to trample over all the wonderful things God wants to do through our lives. It’s no wonder that the Bible commands us at least 25 times to be strong and courageous.

I wanted to ENCOURAGE you today to not allow discouragement to detour your ongoing diligence in all that God has called you to do. Keep your eyes on the fact that, “The Lord is with you wherever you may go.” When people disappoint you, remember that the Lord still sees and knows your heart and work for the kingdom. When you’re uncertain about what tomorrow holds, trust in the One who is holding your tomorrow. Let us keep Paul’s words close to our heart when he said, “Let us not grow weary in doing good, for in due season we will reap if we do not lose heart.”

It is inevitable, and even necessary, that wearying and discouraging seasons come, but I’m confident in the Lord’s faithfulness to see all of us through each one. Discouragement is common to each of us, and you are never in the battle alone. Continue on serving the Lord with strength and good courage!

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  • Lori Croci says:

    I needed this right now while planning Praise in the Park Auburn, CA. Once again, plans are changing due to unforeseen situations beyond our control which leaves us scrambling for replacements. God is faithful and has better plans for this event.

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