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An official response to those who have engaged my previous posts regarding the LGBTQ movement and the Library board decision in Saint Joseph, MO.

To all those who have commented on this post, I want to express my heartfelt thoughts and summarize my perspective for those willing to hear me out.

To everyone in this thread, including Brian Kirk, I want to emphasize that despite our disagreements, I genuinely love you. It may not feel that way, depending on how you define love, but from my heart, I do. This love stems not from my own capacity as a flawed human being, but from the very essence of God, who is love. It is because of God’s immense love for the world that He sent His only Son, so that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. But to believe in Jesus also means to agree with Jesus.

I hold the belief that choosing to live a homosexual lifestyle is contrary to God’s design. This conviction does not arise from a place of bigotry, hatred, or homophobia, but from the clear teachings of God’s Word. The purpose of God’s Word is not to hurt or hinder us, but to guide us towards a better way than the path of our own sinful inclinations. We are all prone to sin, and the LGBTQ lifestyle is not inherently more sinful than other struggles humanity faces.

While I believe God’s Word teaches that homosexuality is not aligned with nature, marriage or God’s intended order, it does not mean I harbor hatred toward those who grapple with same-sex attraction. I have friends and colleagues who deal with same-sex attraction, and who have come out of the LGBTQ lifestyle when they recognized that sexuality is a poor identity. The identity that Jesus provides is far greater and far more fulfilling.

At the core of my stance against the LGBTQ agenda is a profound love for people, desiring that they understand the error that hinders them from fulfilling their God-given purpose. I have seen how demonically influenced ideas about sexuality have permanently marred so many people. This is why I stand so strongly, especially against attempts to plant these sexualized ideas into the hearts and minds of children. My desire is for them to turn to Christ, place their trust in His salvation, and discover forgiveness and redemption. All of us possess desires that are marred by our sinful nature, but Jesus can give us the strength to overcome sin, die to ourselves, and be conformed to his image.

My stand against the LGBTQ agenda is not an act of judgment in the sense of self-righteously condemning others. I acknowledge my own guilt as a sinner, recognizing that I am no better than any other person in need of grace. God’s table is open to all who come, but we must come on His terms. Paul expressed this truth when he declared, “Truly, these times of ignorance God overlooked, but now commands all men everywhere to repent because He has appointed a day on which He will judge the world in righteousness.” This is not an expression of bigotry but a declaration of divine truth.

If you have read this far, please hear me on this important point. God loves you. His love is so great that He cares enough to point out when we have gone astray, sinned, and chosen a path that leads to destruction. It may hurt, but through this pain, beauty can emerge when we respond to the realization of our sin with repentance and faith. Repentance means changing our minds, agreeing with God, and choosing a different direction. Faith is trusting that although we are great sinners, Jesus is an even greater Savior who sacrificially gave His life to offer us forgiveness and peace with God.

While I cannot affirm the LGBTQ movement in celebrating and promoting what I believe to be sinful, I can sincerely say that I deeply love you. While I will continue to voice concerns about the spreading of this ideology, this will not hinder my desire and attempt to continue to reach out to love and serve my neighbors, regardless of how they identify. Anyone who has questions, is seeking, or desires to know God and His redemptive love is welcomed through the doors of our church with open arms. If this entire ordeal leads even one struggling soul to the true Healer, Jesus, it has been worth it.

Pastor Josh

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